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Journal of Health Information Management, 10 1: The temperatures for both internal and external were recorded at every 60 minutes interval.

This is due to the low maximum and minimum temperature difference experienced in the warm humid zone and due to the use of lightweight materials for construction. This paper argues that climatic responsive design could directly be seen as significant architectural language for defining local architecture.

The thermal conditions were also Nugroho, studied based on the climatic conditions on a selected date comparing the measured and simulated results. However, general and subjective conclusions were formulated. The explicit is easily understood as manifestation of shapes, patterns and forms whilst the implicit is about the soul, the spatial quality and the enjoyment of the whole architecture.

According to the results of the table, the test level, was equal to less than 0. The tropical principle illustrated an accurate prediction of controlling, filtering and responding to outdoor climate.

Table 2 The Measurement items and Method of Indonesian Traditional House Position Data Type Equipment Height Middle of Air temperature, Lutron data mm above the the space humidity and air velocity logger floor Outdoor Air temperature, Lutron data mm above the humidity and air velocity logger floor Nugroho, Indonesian modern architecture ignores the natural material of building envelope.

Based on the research title, sub criteria of criteria no.

Journal of Basic and Applied Scientific Research. Further, the results emphasise the importance of the use of night ventilation in hot and humid climate.

Journal of Biodiversity and Environmental Sciences (JBES)

The consequent image conveys the ambiguity of the formal expressions. This survey has already identified the first isolated T dwarf bona fide member of a young moving group: Its composition is extremely variable, depending on its botanical and geographical origins, and the abundant presence of functional compounds has contributed to the increased worldwide interest is this foodstuff.

The nitrate concentration at the river water of Rembangan Rayap Jember was still can be categorized as good because it belongs to class A in water quality, that was as water that can be used as direct drinking water without any treatment. The buildings have to be designed according to the nature of the building materials for reflecting the structural honesty.

In the field study, the louver of the Taman Tropika House is used as a ventilation controller. Based on the measurement and simulation results, the indoor temperature during day time is above the neutral temperature for all selected conditions.

The current study was a descriptive survey, and statistical population were 30 senior managers that have been selected by census. One sample T-test showed that the average score for all sub organizations and personnel-related measures, had in the EFQM model with a good rating.

Elsevier Schnoor, Jerald L, The external and internal temperatures illustrate a similar pattern during day and night time. Pelita Peekebunan Vol 17 1: Hughes A, Halsall DN. In Section 9the space density of its isolated planetary-mass members is assessed.

Direktorat Perbenihan dan Sarana Produksi. S. Hussain, B. Ali, F. Ahmad the micropolar fluid flow over a shrinking sheet with out and with thermal radiation, respectively. Sajjad et al.[25]. Applied and Environmental Microbiology ® (AEM) publishes study results that make significant contributions to applied microbial research, basic microbial ecology research, and genetic and molecular investigations of microbial topics of practical value.

The combination of BIOL and BIOL covers all the major physiological systems.

J. Appl. Environ. Biol. Sci., 2(6)

Assumed Background: The course is designed for students with a basic understanding of the structures of the biologically relevant macromolecules and cell biology (as provided by the BIOL prerequisite). J. Appl. Environ. Biol. Sci., 1(11), Figure 3: A Taman Tropika House used for field measurements The effectiveness of these horizontal louvers and the elevated floor in reducing the internal air temperatures needs to be explored before applying them in contemporary architectural design.

Journal of Applied Environmental and Biological Sciences thesanfranista.com Decolourization of Distillery Waste Water – Role of Microbes and their Potential Oxidative Enzymes (Review).

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Journal of Environmental Sciences J appl environ biol sci 3124451
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