Stones from the river by ursula

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Stones from the River

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One such formation near Guildford was reported way back in when a scientist, John Rand Capron, described his sighting: Stone is very worn and illegible in places Levi S. Carroll wrote this account of The Hunting of the Snark: He was living in Warren County, Kentucky, at the time of the sale.

Oprah Book Club® Selection, February Ursula Hegi's Stones from the River clamors for comparisons to Gunter Grass's The Tin Drum; her protagonist Trudi Montag--like the unforgettable Oskar Mazerath--is a dwarf living in Germany during the two World Wars.


To its credit, Stones does not wilt from the comparison. Hegi's book has a distinctive, appealing flavor of its own/5().

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Reviews "A courageous novel David is a marvelously well-done character." —Library Journal “A long and richly realized novel Ann Fairbairn renders her scenes so skillfully and reveals her hero so fully that [his] qualities are transformed from desirable abstractions to a memorable identity.

Life in small-town Germany () as chronicled by Trudi, a dwarf with her own agenda--courtesy of the German-born Hegi (Floating in My Mother's Palm,etc.) Trudi, whose birth drove her beautiful mother into madness and early death, carries a heavy burden.

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