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Our main source of oxygen, the trees, are also dying by the thousands every day. Egg-laying hens are confined to battery cages. To read about them, click here.

Around twenty percent of domestic greenhouse emissions come from homes and their construction. Sherer, The Benefits of Parks: However, in all fairness to them again, according to my own research on the subjectI must say that I did not read anywhere any reports of any animal rights activist torturing or killing a living being.

If everyone adopted these easy principles, the world would be in a much better place. Animals raised for human consumption are often slaughtered in ways that do not comply with guidelines that ensure the least amount of pain, suffering and terror inflicted on them. To read more about "Hope", please go to the "Hearts United for Animals" organization website, where there are many rescued doggies for adoption.

Removing trees also leads to much drier climates, as trees extract groundwater to release into the air. Global warming, deforestation, strip mining, frakking for natural gas deposits, depletion of our renewable sources and carbon emissions are all contributing to mankind's ever encroaching, and too often, indelible carbon footprint.

They are regarded as the greatest perpetrators of unscrupulous and inexcusable cruelty to innocent animals. Give a home to a dog, cat, a parrot, a bunny rabbit, or any other domestic animal, if you can afford at all.

The law clearly requires that these poor creatures be stunned and rendered insensitive to pain before the slaughtering process begins.

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Sea turtles are already an endangered species and they are also creatures of habit. You can write letters to them and let them know that you may consider making a donation if they would stop killing and inflicting torture on animals.

A large house with a white picket fence and a child-friendly car or two in the driveway was the picture of success for millions of U. On their website, where one can find many scientific reports written by their physicians-members on subjects correlated to animal testing and other animal cruelty issues, The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine explains their position: If today you will burn fossil fuel tomorrow you might be fossil under the sea.

An electronic drum-machine t-shirt; a Darth Vader talking piggy bank; an ear-shaped i-phone case; an individual beer can chiller; an electronic wine breather; a sonic screwdriver remote control; bacon toothpaste; a dancing dog: In recent years, many forests have been burnt because of the extremely hot weather.

Methane gas is already being emitted from the melting Artic ocean floor, rivers are poisoned and damned for agriculture and our search for cheap energy in the form of coal burning plants is resulting in smog, toxic waste and an eroding ozone layer.

I also suggest something a tad outlandish.

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People also make money by clearing the forests and selling the lumber and wood to be converted into other products, such as paper. In order to reverse the melting of polar icecaps, we have to start at the root of the problem.

We should be able to refuse to live if the price of living be the torture of sentient beings Almost all of the organizations that protect animals, nowadays, have items for sale.

Horses, like all other animals, unfortunately, are victims of greedy and unscrupulous exploitation. Avoid at all cost giving your pet to the ASPCA, because they do kill all animals that are not adopted after a very short period I believe one week.

Tree plantation is best option to gain green environment. I believe becoming a vegetarian is a very noble decision. We attached no significance to this, but it must have made a great impression on his companion, for when we removed the body to the operating room, the other chimp wept bitterly and was inconsolable for days.

Although, sadly, most Greyhound dogs that retire from racing are destroyed by the greedy "inhumans" that enslaved them, there are several organizations dedicated to rescuing them and placing them for adoption. The slow suffocation of fish out of water until they finally die is something very disturbing.

Hopefully, you, the reader of this, will be moved to take some part however small in defending animal rights, whether in direct, or indirect ways.

Mar 31,  · The whole concept of "environmental destruction" was put forward decades ago as a viable means of distracting nations from what was going on politically. If the "world" view could be harnessed on this "fact" (untrue) then much control could be achieved in it's Resolved.

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Man Has No Responsibility to the Environment Since the s, questions concerning environmental ethics have loomed large in the public awareness. At the heart of all of these questions is one single issue that has caused confusion among many people involved in this controversy.

Reduce the effects of climate change on the ocean by leaving the car at home when you can and being conscious of your energy use at home and work. ENVIRONMENTAL DAMAGE every day towards our own destruction.

and factories in Serbia and Kosovo by the NATO forces has had a direct and immediate impact on the world's climate and environment, with freak tornados ripping through central U.S.A.

at the time of the bombings, and now, since the bombing has stopped, Eastern U.S.A. is. The Destruction of Our Environment Essay examining the interactions of the environment and the living creations that reside within, one is able to examine and define the type of relationship in place between nature and the creatures of the world.

By Claire Le Guern Last updated in March Introduction. The world population is living, working, vacationing, increasingly conglomerating along the coasts, and standing on the front row of the greatest, most unprecedented, plastic waste tide ever faced.

Stop the destruction of our environment essay
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