The mistake of invading sicily at the request of egesta

They were angered with the generals that abandoned the earlier campaign, fining or banishing the commanders, but was their anger for not adding more to the empire or underachievement in the stated goals.

The softer stone made it easier to carve and the results are wondrous, filled with curved facades, ornate balconies, grotesque masks and angelic putti. Anaxilastyrant of Rhegion, who had managed to detach Zankle from clutches of Syracuse by BC, married the daughter of Terillustyrant of Himera.

In BC they were defeated and occupied by Sparta. Segesta requested the Greeks to stop, and when this was not heeded, they managed to recapture the lands, but the Greeks defeated them in a later battle.

The Athenian ships were extremely cramped and had no room to manoeuvre. The initial plan dictated that the U. After a ringing defense of democracy over oligarchy, Athenagoras yields the floor to a general so that the city can prepare for Athens while scouts are sent to ascertain if they really are coming.

The Athenians try but fail to secure alliances with Messana, Naxos, and Catana all along the eastern coast of Sicily.


More importantly, what did the Athenians believe. This action was viewed as an ominous sign about the expedition in addition to a political action against democracy in Athens. As much as Thucydides wants to pin empire-building on the earlier expedition it was clear that sixty ships was not going to subdue the island.

Demosthenes and Nicias were executed, against the orders of Gylippus. It has lasted through volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and bombings. The Carthaginian offer was debated in council, and Empidion, a citizen with ties to Carthage, strongly advocated acceptance of these terms to avoid a conflict with Carthage.

Second Battle of Syracuse[ edit ] Just as the Athenians were preparing to sail home, on August 28, there was a lunar eclipseand Nicias, described by Thucydides as a particularly superstitious man, asked the priests what he should do.

The Syracusans took advantage of this, and 76 of their ships attacked 86 Athenian ships in the harbour. Memories of the tyrannies that Athens had suffered which Thucydides takes pains to correct convinced many that the profanation and destruction were part of a plot to restore a tyranny or install an oligarchy.

He also echoes ideas found in other speeches, such as the need for pre-emption and how sedition is more to worry about than any outside enemy. His enemies successfully delay the trial, though.

The savagery of citizen against citizen recalls the licentiousness in Athens during the plague. Demosthenes landed his forces and attacked the Syracusan counter-wall on Epipolae in a risky night engagement. The real beauty of the Temple to Athena is that is still stands.

The initial sixty ship commitment was significant but would not have proved an overwhelming defeat, even if completely destroyed. Instead of starving the Greeks into submission, Hannibal chose to attack the city directly with the help of siege equipment. Athens passed a death sentence in absentia, his guilt seemingly proven.

Her geographic position meant an expansion had to be against either Motya to the West or Akragas to the east or against Segesta to the north. Next year, they took Panormus Palermoand inthey lost another fleet at Palinurus.

The two task force commanders reported to Alexander as commander of the 15th Army Group. The total number of men may seem small for an invasion of Sicily, but it was a significant commitment of resources and it confirms that they had planned to use diplomacy extensively to meet their ends.

The Battle of Selinus, which took place early in BC, is the opening battle of the so-called Second Sicilian War. The ten-day-long siege and battle was fought in Sicily between the Carthaginian forces under Hannibal Mago (a king of Carthage of the Magonid family, not the famous Hannibal of the Barcid family) and the Dorian Greeks of Selinus.

Mar 25,  · I would like to determine what the Allied forces had in mind when they decided to invade Sicily. I have seen many episodes on the Military channel showing the initial landing of troops invading the western part of Sicily. an alliance with Egesta, send a fleet to help supply our new ally, and attack Corinth with an army of 25, hoplites. a fleet of triremes, over. The Sicilian Expedition was an Athenian military expedition to Sicily, which took place – BC during the Peloponnesian War between the Athenian empire on one side and Sparta, Syracuse and Corinth on the other.

The expedition ended in a devastating defeat of the Athenian forces. The Sicilian Expedition was an Athenian military but this request was denied. He was otherwise extremely popular and had the support of the entire army; he had also Alcibiades informed Sparta that there would be an invasion of the Peloponnese if Sicily was conquered, and that they should send help to Syracuse and also.

Allied invasion of Sicily The mistake of invading sicily at the request of egesta
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