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It is a land and people that have been shaped by a long history of occupation, domination, war and instability dating back to ancient times. It is still important to have a thesis so the reader knows what the paper will be about. It appeared as though nerve gas was used, and the horrifying effects were immortalized on video that was seen around the world.

Furthermore, due to the Syrian Civil War, we are afraid that unless we assist the Syrian refugees in the neighboring countries to Syria, the women and girl refugees may be subject to human trafficking that is facilitated in places of chaos and crisis.

During the fall of Assyria, the Scythians ravaged and plundered much of Syria. While an essay is often more informal and can contain personal opinion in many cases, references to factual information are still necessary. Class consciousness and religious and ethnic loyalties play a much larger role in Syrian culture than do nationalism.

Ingovernmental changes were designed to bring some peace to the region. Any government using chemicals to kill its own people is a serious concern, because of the implication that it would use these weapons on others, as well.

If the UN fails to agree, coalition-led forces can always be sent to the region Rankin. What is very important to remember about intervention into Syria, though, is that there are really no "good" and "bad" sides there Rankin, Although the "Ba'ath Party emphasizes socialism and secular Arabism over ethic identity" Politics of Syria and the current regime is considered to be secular, there has been much instability because some Syrians perceive the government as being preferential towards one group or another, particularly the elite Alawites of the current regime.

Recently, though, it has been confirmed that chemical weapons were used. The Ottoman system was not burdensome to Syrians because the Turks respected Arabic as the language of the Quranand accepted the mantle of defenders of the faith. The period following Syrian independence in was awash in both internal and external upheaval and instability, including a number of wars with Israel that continue to strain the two countries relations today.

More innocent lives will continue to be lost until something changes. We think that this is a crucial time for international cooperation in order to help the Syrian people in this catastrophic humanitarian crisis.


Phoenicians, Canaanites, Assyrians, Persians, Hebrew and Armenians are some of the peoples who laid claim to the land in ancient times. Officially formed in the 's as a small nationalist movement with a few hundred members opposed to the French occupation, the Ba'ath Party advocates Arab unity and social justice.

The Syrian government chose to use chemical weapons on its own people. While A5 A5 The thesis statement is located at the end of the first paragraph. The coastal mountainous region was also occupied in part by the Nizari Ismailisthe so-called Assassinswho had intermittent confrontations and truces with the Crusader States.

A republican government had been formed, and the country was left to its hands when the French moved on. There are many armed groups within Syria and outside Syria that We think that it is important to improve and revamp the implementation and enforcement of the Protocol to Prevent, Suppress and Punish Trafficking in Persons, Especially Women and Children.

While Syria has, since its independence, has had good relations with other countries of the region as well as the west, these relationships have been generally short-lived and unstable much like the internal situation before the current regime.

The Assyrians introduced Imperial Aramaic as the lingua franca of their empire.


The Future of Syria C2 C2 While there is some cited information in this section, the nature of it also lends itself to personal opinion and conjecture. He was emperor from to[52] and ruled briefly during the Crisis of the Third Century.

Hundreds of civilians died in that attack, and many of them were children Syria. August of saw tensions reach their peak, with the government using chemical weapons on its own people. After hundreds of years of foreign domination, Syria gained its independence only to be dominated by an internal minority who has continued the tradition of oppression by causing stagnation in political, civil and economic growth.

We fully support the Global Plan of Action Against Human Trafficking that was adopted by the General Assembly inand we think that we need to increase our international support and cooperation in enforcing and facilitating the security of women and girls across the globe that are subject to human trafficking.

The Babylonians, like their Assyrian relations, were victorious over Egypt. During his reign, he focused on his home town of Philippopolis modern day Shahba and began many construction projects to improve the city, most of which were halted after his death.

Before any military action takes place, it is vital to be sure of the ramifications. For web sources that do not have a page number, just the name of the author or website can be used in the parenthetical citation There was a lot of Christianity in Syria in the past, and eventually the country changed and became Islamic.

Protestants of the Middle Eastern protest movement known as the Arab Spring demanded the Syrian President, Bashar al-Assad to resign as they wanted to end the four decade Ba’ath Party rule. It is supposed to be a presidential republic rule, in which all executive powers rests with the president.

The Syrian Uprising Essay. and policies that fail to reflect the interests of the citizens (). Syrian history exemplifies these nondemocratic ideals and the Syrian uprising represents a contemporary issue of nondemocracy.

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Syria is officially a republic state; it is formally named The Syrian Arab Republic. SYRIAN ARAB REPUBLIC Essays: OverSYRIAN ARAB REPUBLIC Essays, SYRIAN ARAB REPUBLIC Term Papers, SYRIAN ARAB REPUBLIC Research Paper, Book Reports.

ESSAYS, term and research papers available for UNLIMITED access. Syrian Baath party is regarded as the founder of “Arab socialism”, an ideological current that merged state-led economy with Pan-Arab nationalism. However, by the Baathist ideology was reduced to an empty shell, discredited by lost wars with Israel and a crippled economy.

The Syrian Arab Republic is a parliamentary system and a republic only on rudimentary levels. The government is closely controlled by the president and his socialist Ba'ath party who also have firm control of the military, internal security and intelligence apparatus as well as most of the economy and civil life.

Bulgaria General Assembly Position Paper. Delegation from Bulgaria Position Paper for the General Assembly. The topics before the General Assembly are: 1) Trafficking in Women & Girls in the blank, and 2) Situation in the Syrian Arab Republic.4/4(1).

The syrian arab republic essay
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