The troop surge and the iraq war essay

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On more than one occasion as the early months went by, in fact, I sat alone with Gen. Prebuttals[ edit ] Jon Soltz speaking at the Democratic press conference.

As the surge progressed, the men and women I was privileged to command continually refined tactics, techniques, and procedures, and they ultimately defeated their enemies in both the physical and intellectual manifestations of counterinsurgency battle.

Iraq War troop surge of 2007

Which brings us to the second and equally important goal of the surge: Counterinsurgency operations depend on a keen understanding of the political, historical, cultural, economic, and military situation in each area, and our initiatives built on those begun earlier in the war to further our understanding of the dynamics of each province, district, and community.

Advertisement But our mission is shackled to a conundrum: Commander In Iraq Lt. Improving security was necessary, but not sufficient, to achieve our goals in Iraq.

A "senior aide" later told the Washington Post: At this event, Mr. Congress and the American people will continue to support and protect the members of the United States Armed Forces who are serving or who have served bravely and honorably in Iraq; and Congress disapproves of the decision of President George W.

The morale of US troops is almost never mentioned, but the shift from pessimism to cautious optimism that I remember between early and late was unmistakable.

Sir Graeme Lambe, a friend and colleague of many years, and then by the establishment of a Force Reconciliation Cell that was headed by a talented two-star British officer and an impressive senior U. Truly understanding the human terrain was vital to our ability to improve its security.

Their relentless operations, employment of unmanned aerial vehicles and other advanced technology, tactical skill, courage, and creativity were truly inspirational. I understood the numerous risks, and we took measures to ensure that Awakening movements and the "Sons of Iraq" did not turn into an unaccountable militia force that would cause more trouble for Iraq in the long run than they were worth in the near term.

That still seemed to be the case in Decemberwhen the final U. Bush and his Republicans over ethics scandals in Washington and a failing war in Iraq. Doug Stone and of those who led the elements that constituted our detainee operations task force was instrumental in this component of our overall campaign.

Indeed, some of our special operators, having recaptured the same individuals more than once, began calling our facilities "terrorist universities. Each incremental step forward reinforced and gradually solidified overall progress in a particular geographic location or governmental sector.

The news out of Iraq is, once again, exceedingly grim. The resurrection of al Qaeda in Iraq — which was on the ropes at the end of the surge in. The War in Iraq Essay Words | 4 Pages.

Iraq War troop surge of 2007

The War in Iraq The war in Iraq is a controversy clouded with misinformation and confusion. To get a proper view of the war we need to step back and examine both sides, pro-war and anti-war, of the facts leading to the.

Troop surge in Iraq

Below is an essay on "Iraq War" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples. On March 23,the United States of America officially declared war on Iraq. This would mark the start of the Iraq War, a war that up until now is still going on strong.

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Photo Essays: Videos. Bush’s decision to surge troops in Iraq in was an extraordinary display of the kind of bold, decisive leadership that is so rare in American (and many other.

Iraq War; Donald Trump; I Was Part of the Iraq War Surge. It Was a Disaster. I Was Part of the Iraq War Surge. It Was a Disaster. The Iraq War is such an example. Fortroops, the Iraq War is a very dangerous reality.

For many millions of people, the War is something that does not affect them because it is “over there.”.

The troop surge and the iraq war essay
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